Udder Health Programme

Udder health is crucial to get top price for your milk. After milking, 15 – 20 ml per cow of teat spray should be applied as soon as possible after removing the cluster. This is when the teat end is open and you get most value from your teat spray.  Hence, all leads to healthy udders, lower somatic cell counts (S.C.C.) less Mastitis and better milk price.

Dairy farmers may have problems with heifers having warts on teats when they enter the milking parlour. Sometimes the warts can be very troublesome and lead to Mastitis. We have a variation of methods to try and prevent warts and summer that can lead to heifers loosing that quarter.

For easy & trouble-free teat care we recommend:

  1. Farm Green Teat Spray 100% natural for use pre & post milking for pre and post milking.
  2. Teisen Teat Wipes will help to stimulate the cows to let down milk faster and actually shortens the milking curve.
  3. Teisen Uddermint is formulated for easy massage into the udder to reduce swollen udders.

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Udder Health Programme