Dairy health products


Dairy health products

Cleanline Farm Services offers a broad range of all-natural dairy health solutions. We have a unique range of products. Many of which have been developed by Irish scientists in Nova UCD. 

We collaborate closely with the Irish Times award winning company Auranta. Together we developed a range of all-natural animal health products that are available exclusively from Cleanline, such as Alpha Calf Max.

At farm level we help dairy farmers to put prevention protocols in place. Together with the dairy farmer we will look at what is happening with the dairy cows and calves and we make an overall assessment. Thereafter, we put a programme in place to help dairy farmers to get grip on problems.

Improving daily dairy management routines help to reduce on farm problems and challenges. These can be related to bad calf scour or hoof problems, such as Mortellaro & Lameness. Also, our udder health programme will help to reduce the risk for Mastitis, lowering high somatic cell counts (S.C.C.), high total bacteria count (T.B.C.) and thermaduric bacteria in the milk. In return, dairy farmers get better payments for their milk. And just as important, it brings Harmony to the day-to-day farm and family life.

Curious how we could help you to aid your daily dairy management routines? Contact us today or send us your WhatsApp message.

Dairy health solutions

Cleanline Dairy Farm Programmes​

Udder Health Programme

Udder health is crucial to get top price for your milk. We offer a full-range teat care programme with natural products for pre and post milking.

Dairy Hygiene Programme

Dairy hygiene will determine your on-farm profit. We help dairy farmers with prevention protocols and offer chlorine free dairy hygiene detergents.​

Hoof Care Programme

Good hoof care of dairy cows is very important. We offer an all-natural footbath and first-class dairy supplies to ensure healthy feet.

Calf Rearing Programme

Calving season & calf rearing is a demanding task. We offer natural products to keep your calves healthy and thriving throughout the year.