Hoof Care Programme

Good hoof care of dairy cows is very important. With the increase in heard size and cows walking longer distances, the hoof can be under severe pressure. Digital dermatitis (Mortellaro), laminitis and injury are among the most common problems.

Mortellaro is caused by bacteria which may be present on most farms. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of it from a herd of cows. A good footbath routine all year round is the best approach. This will help to maintain good hoof condition, leading to more consistent milk yield and better somatic cell counts (S.C.C.) as well.

It is important to have the cows feet clean and all caked on manure removed from the hoof prior to foot bathing. Correct concentration of footbath product is also vital. Best results are achieved by walking the cows through the bath 3 times, i.e. Morning – Evening – Morning.

For easy & trouble-free hoof care we recommend:

  1. Dairy Footbath Hoof Star to reduce the risk for pathogenic bacteria and inflammation control
  2. HealMax Spray to reduce the risk of hoof related challenges, such as Mortellaro

Cleanline Farm Services also supplies Paxton Antislip Footbaths.

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Hoof Care Programme