Calf Rearing Programme

Calving season & calf rearing is a demanding task for every dairy farmer and their families. All that helps to keep your dairy livestock healthy and thriving will return to the good in many ways.

Our carefully selected animal health supplements support the immunity to keep your dairy cows & calves strong and fit throughout the year. Supporting the calf immunity is crucial for antibiotic free production and imprinting future dairy performance. Our calf rearing products are based on all-natural components. Most of our products are scientifically developed by Irish scientist and have proven their efficacy at Irish dairy farms.

For easy & trouble-free calf rearing we recommend:

  1. Alpha Calf Max from first calf born on farm to prevent calf scour and reduce the risk for Cryptosporidium
  2. 7 Stars Detergent to clean your calf pens
  3. BFS ProClean detergent to clean your calf feeding equipment
  4. BFS ProAcid Clean for descaling your calf equipment
  5. Champion calf milk replacer based on high quality whey milk ingredients
  6. We offer Calf Ration produced by Liffey Mills.

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Calf Rearing Programme