Dairy Hygiene Programme

Dairy hygiene will determine your on-farm profit. We help dairy farmers with prevention protocols and offer chlorine free dairy hygiene detergents.

Correct concentration of detergent to water volume and the time given for circulation washing must be correct at all times.  Many farmers are now being advised by their co-op to use chlorine free products on both milking plant and bulk tank.

Cleanline Farm Services offers a chlorine free Dairy Hygiene Programme. For easy & trouble-free dairy hygiene we recommend:

  1. BFS Xtreme Clean CF for the newer and bigger milk parlours where automatic wash systems are in place. For best practice we recommend to use in hot water 70 ºC plus. The use of pericitic acid in the final rinse water is essential for optimum results.
  2. BFS Descaler should be used regular for descaling of milking machines and bulk milk tanks. This product is also very effective in hard water areas where lime or iron can be a problem. BFS Descaler contains a very specific wetting agent which is very effective at breaking down fat and residues.
  3. For youngstock hygiene 7 Stars Detergent is used to clean your calf pens.
  4. BFS ProClean is a detergent to clean your calf feeding equipment.
  5. BFS ProAcid Clean gives the finishing touch for descaling your calf equipment.

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Dairy Hygiene Programme