BFS Coldwash

Dairy detergent BFS Coldwash is chlorine free for cold circulation cleaner of bulk milk tanks and milking equipment.

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20 kg bucket


Dairy detergent BFS Coldwash is chlorine free for cold circulation cleaner of bulk milk tanks and milking equipment. BFS Coldwash is made from a high grade caustic and has been a consistently reliable product for dairy farmers for 20 years. The product can also be used in hot water with the addition of a small amount of hypochlorite for once a week hot washing. BFS Coldwash is recommended by Mueller and has a Teagasc approval no. 12-88. The product is developed to the highest standards and has proven itself over the years.

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20 kg bucket

Instruction for use


  1. Before commencing this Cold Wash ensure that pipeline is thoroughly clean, sterile and free from milk residues. This can be done, initially, by carrying out the Periodic Hot Chlorine Wash as described below.
  2. Thoroughly rinse the outside of clusters before putting on the jetters.
  3. Pre-rinse pipeline with 13.5 litres (3 gallons) of clean cold water per unit.
  4. Add 226 grams (8ozs) BFS Cold Wash to 45 litres (10 gallons) of cold water to prepare the wash solution. Draw this solution into the plant. Allow approximately 7 litres (1.5 gallons) to run straight to waste and circulate the remainder for 10 minutes. After this time run the once used solution into a suitable plastic vessel and retain for evening (alternate) wash.
  5. Leave the clusters attached to the jetters. DO NOT RINSE AT THIS STAGE
  6. Immediately before the next milking rinse out the entire plant with cold sterile rinse water – using again approximately 13.5 litres (3 gallons) per unit. Proceed to milk after this rinse through.
  7. For evening or alternate washing, re-use the morning wash solution but run to waste after the second use. Again delay flushing out the plant, with cold sterile water, until immediately before the next milking.


Once every 2 weeks or whenever deposits are evident use the following hot cleaning routine.

  1. Make up a solution of 113 grams (4oz) BFS Cold Wash plus 0.5 litre (1 pint) of approved hypochlorite in 45 litres (10 gallons) of hot 80 ºC (175 ºF) water.
  2. Circulate this solution for 10 minutes. During circulation switch off milk pump for a short time to allow auxiliary sanitary trap to partially fill with cleaning solution.
  3. After 10 minutes circulation run solution to waste and then rinse through with clean cold water.
  4. If in hard water areas, the formation of milkstone is apparent, then carry out (as required) a normal routine pipeline descale using 0.5 litre (1 pint) approved milkstone remover to 45 litres (10 gallons) hot water.
  5. Circulate this acidic solution for 10 minutes, run to waste and rinse through with clean cold water. Then use the BFS Cold Wash / dairyfarm hypochlorite system as described above.
  6. In soft water areas the use of milkstone remover only on a monthly basis is recommended.


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