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Boosting the immunity and health status of your calves is of crucial importance for your rearing programme. It determines the success of your finished animals and future milk yield performance.

It is stated that 50% of calf mortality occurs within the first six weeks of life. Ideally farmers should aim to double the calf birth weight during the first 56 days of life, reducing mortality and morbidity at the same time.

Alpha Calf Max helps you to achieve these goals, by imprinting the immunity, and assisting the development, structure and health of the gut. Your animals will be able to maximize genetic potential and future productivity. Alpha Calf Max offers a healthy and high performing calfhood, contributing to less labour, easier management and more financial gain!

“Scientifically imprint immunity for future productivity”

The first eight weeks of life is a huge window of opportunity to increase future performance. Alpha Calf Max helps to reduce the “immunity gap” of your animals through imprinting from the first day of feeding.

Many studies confirm the value of this strategy. Van Amburgh (2014) observed a direct relation between healthy calf rearing and first lactation:

  • Up to 3 months earlier calving
  • 100 g extra weight yields 100 kg more milk
  • 500 kg extra milk when reared without antibiotics
  • Up to 7% extra return on capital

Scientific research shows, that Alpha Calf Max increases weight gain, improves survival rate and reduces the need for medication in the pre-weaning stage.

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“Converts your milk replacer and whole milk from good to great!”

At start, your calves are depending on a liquid diet. Digestive enzymes utilize the valuable nutrients in order to let them grow.

Alpha Calf Max as a standard in young animal nutrition, ensures a smooth transition from a liquid to a solid diet. At this stage, Alpha Calf Max enables the animal to immunologically develop the structure and function of the gut.

Alpha Calf Max creates an optimum balance of the gut microbiome. This supports a healthier and earlier development of the intestine and the rumen, for better lifetime efficiency.

“Maximise genetic potential, and watch them grow”

Alpha Calf Max will help your animals to imprint immunity and overcome the critical phases in life. Alpha Calf Max activates the immune system, allowing for maximum genetic potential during later stages in life.

Every animal benefit’s with Alpha Calf Max, no matter what production level you are. Recently a trial was conducted at a farm, selected for its good management practices and good health status.

Alpha Calf Max was given in the milk replacer as a standard from the first day of feeding. Results show that Alpha Calf Max increased average weight gain by more than 200 grams per calf and day as compared to the control.

With Alpha Calf Max, a great start is half the battle!

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